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AFFLUENTE - italy oldschool hardcore

AGATHOCLES - belgium mincecore masters

ALI AGCA - poland fast neocrust

ANF (Always Never Fun) - italy fastcore/powerviolence in the veins of extortion/crucial unit

ANGUSTA TAURINORUM - italy technical crustcore with touch of metal

ARCHAGATHUS - canada mincecore in full agathocles veins

A TESTA BASSA - italy oldschool hardcore in the veins of negazione

CANCER SPREADING - italy stenchcore

CARLOS DUNGA - italy thrashpunk

CGB - italy dinosaurs of oldschool hardcore active from 1987

COMPOST - italy "vegetable" goregrind

CONTRASTO - italy fastcrust

DEATH BEFORE WORK - italy 80's thrash/core in the veins of whn?

DEEP THROAT - italy thrashin'hardcore

DEPROGRAMMAZIONE - italy postgrindcore blackmetal

DRUNKARDS - italy crust'n'roll

EATING MACHINE - u.s.a. black powerviolencegrind

ENTACT - italy fastcorepunk

GAS ATTACK - italy hardcore'n'roll

HUMUS - italy speedcrust

INTO THE BAOBAB - italy hardcorepunk

LOWFAT - thailand thrashin' hardcore

MINKIONS - italy oldschool thrash

MR.MURRUNGIO - italy oldschool hardcore

NEID - italy obscure fastcore grind

OLIM PALUS - italy raw d-beat

ONSET OF SERIOUS PROBLEM - indonesia powerviolence fastcore

QUARTO POTERE - italy mincecrust

REANIMANIACS - new wave of italian thrashcore

SANTA MARIA - italy oldschool hardcore

SHEEVA YOGA - czech republic powerviolence

SPACECAKE - italy oldschool hardcore

SPOSA IN ALTO MARE - italy grindpunx

TERROR FIRMER - italy oldschool thrashin'grindcore

TSUBO - italy bulldozer grindcore

UN QUARTO MORTO - italy grindin'fastcore

WOJTYLA - poland bulldozer grindcore

xKATExMOSHx - italy powerviolence

Z.A.T. - italy thrashin'hardcore