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March 03 2014

Massive distro/mailorder update!

Tons of new LP, 12", 10", 7", 6", MC and CD fastcore/grindcore/powerviolence/thrash/hardcore/sludge 


February 04 2014

Out soon: ANF - always never fun

12" single sided with other side silkscreened

15 songs of fastcore/powerviolence in the veins of Extortion/Crucial Unit/Spazz with some Dropdead touch here and there.



January 2014

New stuff in the CD and in the 7" list

Give a look!! 



hey!i don't update beacuse i have no news from a while, but the distro is still alive and updated!! 




out just now:

xKATExMOSHx - new 7" (14 blasting powerviolence trackz in the vein of spazz/lack of interest)



out for the end of the year:

- xKATExMOSHx - new 7" (powerviolence in the veins of spazz/lack of interest)

- ARCHAGATHUS/COMPOST - split 7" (canada mincecore/italy "vegetable"goregrind)



sorry for the long silence, but for me summer is a period of massive work (and massive alcool consume on the night)...

by the way, during those 3 months i have released:

- ALI AGCA/WOJTYLA - split 7" (poland based in spain crustgrind/poland bulldozer grindcore)

- NEID - il cuore della bestia CD (italy ultracoregrind)

- AGATHOCLES/SPOSA IN ALTO MARE - split 7" (belgium mincecore masters/italy grindpunx dementhia)

- SHEEVA YOGA - new LP (czech republic powerviolence like spazz with a touch of freejazzcrazyness)

and i officially distribute UN QUARTO MORTO - che la paura cambi fronte 7"[serigraphated or colored] (now disbanded kings of italian grindin'fastcore_3 new tracks+a VerbalAbuse cover).

i'll update soon the mailorder/distrolist page!!




SHEEVA YOGA - new LP (from czech republic total powerviolence!!!mix up 50% of SPAZZ with 30% of NEANDERTHAL and 20% of crazyness and you have their wicked sound!!)




AGATHOCLES/SPOSA IN ALTO MARE - split 7" (belgium mincecore masters/italy sarcastic grindpunx)




DEATH BEFORE WORK - new LP (italy thrash/core heroes!)

ARCHAGATHUS/COMPOST - split 7" (canada mincecore/italy "vegetable gore"grind)

WOJTYLA/ALI AGCA - split 7" (poland bulldozer grindcore/poland fastcrustgrind)

NEID - new CD (italy dark&obscure fastcoregrind)

REANIMANIACS - new CD (new wave of italian thrashcore, already a cult band!)

and i'll officially distribute the new UN QUARTO MORTO one side picture 7" (only 200 copies pressed for the now disbanded kings of grindin'fastcore)



MASSIVE 7"s FROM THE 90's (1 from the 80's some from the 00's) DISTRO UPDATE


FUCKINGHAM PALACE - like a madmen (1997)(italy punk oi) (2copie)

HIDE OUT - s/t 7" (1991)(italy hardcorepunk)(4copie)

PLANKTON/MILKMAN - split (2000)(holland HC like CircleJerks/holland HC like early SuicidalTendencies)(1copia)

ANAL THUNDER/NO REDEEMING SOCIAL VALUE - ..have an hangover with.. (2001)(finland hardcorepunk)(2copie)

SLAPSTICKS - buzz (italy moshcore)(1997)(2copie)

GRUPPO TRASVERSALE - mania (italy hardcore like PlaidRetina)(1995)(1copia)

ISOBEL - something better (italy postpunkemonoise)(2004)(1copia)

THIS SIDE UP/WHITE FROGS - still without an answer (italy hardcorepunk like GorillaBiscuits/SevenSeconds)(1996)(2copie)

KLING-ONS - dear john, drop the bomb (italy punkrock like Overflow)(2001)(1copia)

QUARTO POTERE/TETANO - split (italy mincecrust/raw d-beat)(2008)(1copia)

RFT - rabbia furore tormento (italy hardcore like sottopressione/negazione)(2008)(1copia)

MAZE - dentro di noi (italy oldschool hardcore)(1991)(3copie)

CORNFLAKES FREAKS - suck my worm (italy melodic oldschool hardcore)(2001)(3copie)

HUMUS/NIS - specie di scarto - (italy fastcrust/italy crusthardcore)(2009)(3copie)

MAN IN THE SHADOW - pax americana (slovenia raw ultracore crust)(2007)(1copia)

GANGWAY MAN! - s/t (italy garagepunk like a mix of Cramps/SexPistols/Clash)(1999)(1copia)

CORNUCOPIA - s/t (italy posthardcore like a mix of washington dischord bands/panico_M/F voice on shove rec.)(1996)(1copia)

BOBO'S BUBBLE - poached eggs (italy, if you like AliceDonut/SonicYouth...)(1994)(1copia)

COSTA'S CAKE HOUSE/HEARTSIDE - is trapped in (germany posthardcore/italy screamo)(1999)(1copia)

HEADBUTT - randy/baby sick (UK psychonoisepunk with keyboards & percussion)(1992)(1copia)

SCUM IN ACTION - geisteskrank (gemany oldschool grindcoredeath like early NapalmDeath/FearOfGod)(1992)(1copia)

DROP THEI/GONZALES - split (italy dischord'n'roll/rock'n'rollpunk)(2008)(1copia)

THE MULLENS - isabel (usa garagepunk like a mix of Ramones/Cramps)(1996)(1copia)

BOZO - s/t (italy good punk'n'rollcore on scindesfaizz rec.)(1998)(1copia)

GARCON FATALE - fox on the run (italy garagerockpunk from the 80's)(1987)(1copia)

EDITOR/PRIPAD EWI BURDOVES - split (slovac thrashin'hardcorepunk/hardcorepunk)(1999)(1copia)

CLOSE QUARTERS BATTLE - for the streets (germany hardcore like Warzone/Disciple)(2006)(1copia)

IMMUNITY - fine del gioco (hardcorepunk moshcore on melemarce rec.)(1993)(1copia)

SUBURBAN NOISE - sunward (italy melodic posthardcore)(1997)(1copia)

THE 4 SIVIT - ready to fight (germany hardcore like 7 Seconds/BlackFlag/early AgnosticFront)(1999)(1copia)

DIE ZLASKHINX - 4 h (finland drunkpunkhardcore like early DOA)(2006)(2copie)

STEROIDS - bazooka (france hardcorepunk like early Samiam/BurningHeads)(1999)(1copia)

RIOT SQUAD/HUMAN BATTLE/THE UNDERTAKERS/THE CRACK BABIES - 4 way split (good punkhardcore on red transparent wax)(2008)(x1)

NO EXIT/PHONORAKES - split (italy hardcore like D.I./melodic hardcore)(1996)(1copia)

UNGIORNOINUNATTIMO - s/t (italy postrockemoindiepunk)(2005)(1copia)

SCHWESTER SIOUX - schwanzmann schwanzmann's... (austria hardcore like Dischord bands)(1994)(1copia)

TWO MINUTES HATE - s/t (usa total GorillaBiscuits with some mosh parts)(1998)(1copia)

HALF MY TIME - my voice my mind (italy sXe hardcore like YouthOfToday)(1999)(1copia)

DISTURBANCE - live on to decline (holland oldschool oicore_color wax)(2001)(1copia)

DIVISADERO'S - from the ashes of the loosers..(oldschool garagepunk with some surf guitar)(1996)(1copia)

DIE STROHSACKE - stop tv (germany hardcorepunk for fans of D.I./ToxicReason)(1998)(1copia)

ETERNIT - uu giamò ciapaa giù del ladru (italy ultramelodic female fronted hardcorepunk)(1996)(1copia)

ABSENCE - fron the blood shed (italy vegan sXe metallic mosh core like 25TaLife)(1994)(1copia)

THE MUDDLERS - 7 steps to total failure (italy punkrock'n'roll lo fi)(2001)(1copia)

HEARTFIELD - il mio silenzio (italy oldschool hardcore like early Affluente)(2000)(1copia)







ONSET OF SERIOUS PROBLEM/LOWFAT - split CD is out now!!!!!
ONSET OF SERIOUS PROBLEM from indonesia play powerviolence with fastcore parts a la Gride and blastbeats.
LOWFAT from thailand play hardcore with japanese thrashcore parts.
available also in wholesale.



TERROR FIRMER/EATING MACHINE - split 7" out!!!(oldschool thrashin'grindcore/powerviolencegrind)




TERROR FIRMER/EATING MACHINE - split 7" is finally out.
666 copies pressed.
566 on black wax
100 on yellow wax
all copies came with OBI!!



TERROR FIRMER/MINKIONS - split 7" out!!!




TERROR FIRMER/MINKIONS - split 7" is finally out!!!!!!!!!!!!
oldschool thrashin'grindcore Vs. oldschool thrashskatecore
3 songs each band, minkions play also a werhmacht cover
4 euro+postage



UnQuartoMorto/Entact-split 2010 digipack CD out!!!




UN QUARTO MORTO/ENTACT - split 2010 handmade digipack cd is out!!!!
Un Quarto Morto are the kings of italian grinding fastcore
Entact plays powerfull fastcorepunk

6 euro + postage or, for labels/distros in wholesale 3,80 euro each copy for at least 5 copies



HUMUS/TERROR FIRMER - split 7" is out!!!!




HUMUS/TERROR FIRMER - split 7" is out!!!!
HUMUS play fast & angry crustycore, 4 tracks singin in italian
TERROR FIRMER plays thrashin' grindcore like a mix of early repulsion/napalm death/s.o.b., 5 tracks+siege cover



DRUNKARDS/CANCER SPREADING - split 7" & GAS ATTACK - cold tragedy 7" ep are out




DRUNKARDS/CANCER SPREADING - split 7" is finally out!!!!
2 thrashin'crust'n'roll songs for drunkards Vs. 2 powerfull stenchcore songs for cancer spreading.
GAS ATTACK - cold tragedy 7" ep is out too!!!!
wicked oldschool hardcore'n'roll, a mix of deadkennedys/negative approach/subhumans/cramps/snfu



QUARTO POTERE/OLIM PALUS - split 7" is out!!!!!




QUARTO POTERE/OLIM PALUS - split 7" is out
QUARTO POTERE play political mincecrust and OLIM PALUS play raw d-beat.
if you are a oldschool mince/crust/d-beat lover this is definitely your cup of tea!!



Deprogrammazione/SposaInAltoMare - split 7" OUT!!!!




yes, yes, uh yeah....
the 7" split between DEPROGRAMMAZIONE (mix of grindcore and black metal with double guttural and histerical voice) and SPOSA IN ALTO MARE (powerful grindcrust with funny lyrics) is out.
the two side are very well recorded and sound really good.
what are you watin for?



TSUBO/AGATHOCLES split 7" out!!!




the first 7" of the year is out!!!!!
tsubo/agathocles, a great piece of vinyl!!!!
TSUBO plays powerful & technical bulldozer grindcore                                                      

AGATHOCLES from belgium are the mincecore legends...but...if you don't know agathocles...what are you doin' here?!?



UN QUARTO MORTO - il dono della sintesi (discography+live&unreleased tracks) 

this cd contains:

the 7" "la semina e il raccolto"

the 7" "annusarsi sgeliersi lamentarsi"

the 7" split with MR.MURRUNGIO

1 unreleased & 1 live track

grinding fastcore in a very personal style with members and exmembers of DIORRHEA, MUCULORDS, NECROLUST, DISTRUZIONE DI MASSA and more.... 



FiNaLLy ouT NeW Z.A.T. cd "dentro l'inganno"




it's finally arrived the new cd of Z.A.T. called "dentro l'inganno".
thrashing hardcorepunk oldskull.
cool and big handmade digipack.
handnumbered copies.



NeW CGB "morte di un microfono"CD iS ouT!!!




the new cd of the dinosaurs of italian hardcore CGB is arrived

they play the real italian oldskull hardcore from 1987!!!!

you know what i'm talkin' about....



iNToTHeBaoBaB cd out now!!!!!!




the new cd of the INTOTHEBAOBAB is finally out!!!!!
really great album for this young guys that plays and live with a fuckin' great attitude.
a mix of punkhardcorestreetoi, a great coproduction between copsarecords/ansaldirecords/gikill!/respirarecords/artriterec/shame&scandal/nuclearchaos/
italiadeglisfruttati and mixed also from steno of nabat



MiNKioNS cd finally out!!!!!!!!




the new cd of the italian alcolized thrashers MINKIONS is finally out

i'm sure you will hear talkin' about them worldwide soon......



CaRLoSDuNGa/DeePTHRoaT split CD out now!!!




the new split cd between the thrashsoccerpunx carlos dunga and the punkhardcore guys deep throat is finally out.
3 songs for each band



un quarto morto/mr.murrungio split 7" finally out!!!!




the 7" split between un quarto morto/mr.murrungio is finally out

UN QUARTO MORTO plays grindin'fastcore with very personal style

MR.MURRUNGIO plays oldschool italian hardcore in the veins of affluente/early negazione



angusta taurinorum finally released!!!!




the first cd of the ANGUSTA TAURINORUM (ex-torquemada) is finally out!!!!

they play technical & powerfull crust/core with touch of metal.



AFFLUENTE/CONTRASTO split 7" EP is out!!!!!

great 7" for you guys, from 2 of the best italian bands.

4 songs for band

AFFLUENTE plays classic oldschool italian hardcore in the veins of early negazione

CONTRASTO plays fast crust with more grinding parts



CaRLoS DuNGa 7" thrashsoccercore finally out!!!! for C.O.P.S.(A).Records too!!!!




the new 7" of the thrashsoccercorers of the italian bay area CARLOS DUNGA coproduced by yours fabulous c.o.p.s.(A).records is finally out...



A TESTA BASSA - s/t CD is here!!

after many years from the first 7" O.G.M. , with one more guitar, the (old)guys from bari are back with a new powerfull album that mix the oldschool of italian hardcore (negazione over all) with a very personal touch...




starting this new adventure with the repress of the first "my" releases:

SPACECAKE - caterpilllar CD (originally released in 1999) mid '90s hardcore heroes

SANTAMARIA - mani tese CD (orig.releas. in 2004) minutemenVs.huskerduVs.DK

SANTAMARIA - s/t CD (orig.releas. in 2005) Vs.victimsfamilyVs..... 

soon 2 totally new releases...

stay tuned!