copsarecords fastcore powerviolence crust d-beat grindcore sludge thrash label distro mailorder


facebook page of the label

new label of Borys (ex Tetanus/Agipunk)

italian blog by Paso

homepage of the political fastcore band contrasto, of the "spazio sole&baleno" and of "confino squat"

historical label from roma, home of paolo petralia, the inventor of Comrades

Andre Von Brigade's blog (singer of many thrashcore/fastcore/powerviolence bands and boss at Radio Fango_here you can find podcast and streaming of the transmission)

label/distro/zine active from the 90's

historical distro/label/driverforbands (tetanus/agipunk/disastrosonoro) from italy ruled by members of d.d.i., giuda, campus sterminii, kontatto, disprezzo, disarm, ecc....

label/distro/mailorder of fulvio from Jilted band

el paso squat - T'orino

label distro fastcorepowerviolencegrindcorecrustsludge and assorted violence from val di susa

active from 1996

great blog full of reviews and interviews!! only extreme music, from grindcore to sludge via powerviolence, drone and noisecore...

ex kortocirkuitorecords.from sicily great label of bands like IL MALE, THE LIMIT, IL DISAGIO and more....