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 New Stuff




DISRUPT/COMRADES - live split tape 1993

boston grindcrust Vs. italy powerviolence grind 





RUIDO - 11 songs 7" 3€

absolutely destructive hispanic thrash from california!think Los Crudos with blastbeat


PROVOCAZIONE - culminando no vàcuo... 3€ 

drum'n'bass hardcore/powerviolence with slow breakdown



canadian fast as fuck grindcore in the veins of Gasp, Excruciating Terror, Ion Dissonance and early Dillinger Escape Plan


HARSH - implants 3€

finland oldschool killer powerviolence


FUBAR/BLOOD I BLEED - split 7" 3€

FUBAR, ear deafening grindcore/violence, Blood I Bleed bursts out 5 songs in good old school fastcore/grind tradition 



JIGSORE PUZZLE deliver crazily FAST Powerviolence HC a la INFEST, SPAZZ, CROSSED OUT, CORROSIVE.. tons of tempo changes leading into blasting delirium and throat gurgling vocals a la mightly Infest. ULTIMATE BLOWUP from Turkey do the same business more in a pure fast HC vibe. Killer! 


KUNG FU RICK - acceptance 3€

usa late 90's grindcore with future members of HeWhoCorrupts


PHP - incompletodisordine 3€

php (psycho holiday project) plays oldschool styled hardcore fron italy



violent and intense hardcore in the veins of Serene and With Love



italy 1996 hardcore


KHALMO - visioni meccaniche 3€

italy 1993 a classic of the italian hardcore of that period!killer riff!if you were into stuff like Sottopressione you'll definitely like it!



the 1st BOOT DOWN THE DOOR 7" called AMIGO$ is the best stuff they ever released. 6 songs of heavy, not too fast CRUST with brilliant lyrics and a vocalist who sounds brutal in a way that you can still understand what he's screaming 


AUGUST SPIES - food chain in your living room 3€

 Known for being banned from almost every music venue in Boston at least once, the August Spies play straight ahead punk rock, no gimmicks, no frills, no posing.Sound like a mix of "plastic surgery disaster" period Dead Kennedys and early 80's american HC.This 7" is from 1994!


DNA - zero 3€

early release from RA Records, oldschool hardcore mixing nyhc with early 90's roma hc


SULLESPALLEDELLEPIETRE - untitled (single sided) 2€

italy 1998 mixing Sabot with Plaid Retina with a early 90's feeling 



Brasil high speed thrashin'fastcore crossover Vs. Netherlands amazing thrashing d-beat brutality with some Tragedy feeling on the guitars

1 copy available - 4€



BIZARRE X/KENT BROCKMAN - No Sleep 'Till Circlepit split 7" - 3€ (green splattered vinyl)
Germany grindviolence Vs. fastcore

2 copies available 



Japan Vs. Spain grindcore massacre

1 copy available 



CHEMICAL POSSE - struggle 7" - 3€
Italy oldschool hardcore from 1992 on historical Mele Marce Records 

1 copy available 



LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER/OVERPOWERING - split 7" - 3€ (yellow trasparent vinyl)
Spain grindcore gods Vs. thrashin'grindcore

1 copy available 



Usa noisecore Vs. Lithuania screaming growling doom crust

2 copies available 




TIMEBOMB - fury 7" (rare) - 5€
Italy vegan straight edge metallic hardcore out in 1993 on SOA Records

3 copies available 



NECROPHILIACS - hardcore psychos 7" - 4€ (pink vinyl)
Germany harsh fast hardcore massacre from 1995

2 copies available 





BIZARRE X/TRIGGER - split 10" (gatefold) 8€

2x true oldschool drum'n'bass powerviolence from Germany 


ARCHAGATHUS - coffee grinder 9€

canadian Agathocles's twins 


RAW POWER - still screaming... 10€

one of the well know worldwide italian hardcore bands hitting the stange from more than 30 years 



both brazilian powerviolence/fastcore in the veins of Charles Bronson 



CHEMICAL POSSE - hardcore animal party 7€
Italy 1994 mixing the italian oldschool hardcore of bands like Raw Power and Shogun Solution with the new york hardcore of bands like Youth Of Today and Sick Of It All 
HEADSMAN - the morning.... 7€
Headsman were one of heaviest and darkest band that came out from the 90's italian hardcore scene alongside with CONCRETE, BY ALL MEANS 





MY MINDS MINE - 48 reasons to leave this planet 7€

complete discography of this netherland grindcore unit active 1995/2002. think of early Brutal Thruth mixed with classic Napalm Death and Heresy 



I SHOT CYRUS - tiranus 7€

If you like thrashing hardcore you can't go wrong with I Shot Cyrus, these guys seem to hate everybody and they show it...featuring members of Ratos De Porao, Infect and Point Of No Return. ultrafast stuff!enjoy!


TORQUEMADA - l'essere umano nell'epoca.... 6€

italy technical & powerfull crust/ of the best italian band.super package and contains also the tracks of their previous 7"


FISTULA - we the beast 7€

The 9 tracks on this elaborately-packaged release – the CD comes in a DVD case, with a poster and full-colour inlay – alternate between sludgy heavy metal chugging with strident metallic chords, and more up-tempo old-school Death Metal parts ala Coffins – tempo-wise – with a few doomier moments and a couple more spacious sounding downbeat numbers.No fancy-pants widdling, no crazy-ass tech riffage, just solid, balls-to-the-wall, pedal to the (sludge) metal pounding with majorly fierce, majorly pissed-off, throaty shrieking vocals like a rotten cherry on top.  


RAW POWER - fuck authority (double CD)

contains: you are the victim LP + scream from the gutter LP + after your brain LP + wop hour EP + compilations&live tracks 10€ 

well know italian oldschool hardcore since more than 30 year now with tour all around the world and records released by labels from any part of the you have all their early stuff (first 3 LP+1 EP+ compilations and live tracks). a blast!! 


RaRiTieS aND ouT oF PRiNT STuFF:


ELVIS PRESLEY - suspicion/it'sa long lonely highway 7" (RCA PB9058 italian press)(1977) euro 12 vinyl NM - cover VG 

ELVIS PRESLEY . way down/pledging my love 7" (RCAPB0998 italian press)(1977) euro 12 vinyl NM - cover EX+

SEX PISTOLS - god save the queen 7" (virgin records VIN 45009 italian press)(1977) euro 50 vinyl NM - cover G

SEX PISTOLS - holidays in the sun 7" (virgin records VIN 45013 italian press)(1977) euro 50 vinyl NM - cover G

PIL - rise 7" (virgin records VIN 45176 italian press)(1986) euro 10 vinyl NM - cover G+

THE ALARM - love don't come easy 7" (I.R.S. records 06[2410477])(1989) euro 12 vinyl NM - cover EX -





COMPLICITE CANDIDE - zapalte ohne  (polish political punk-hardcore in the veins of Dead Kennedys) 7 €



SHEEVA YOGA - svet ten cert vem (Czech republic powerviolence/fastcore in the veins of Spazz with some crazy saxophone here and there)  7 €
















ALI AGCA/WOJTYLA - split (AA Poland based in Spain metallic crustgrind/W Poland grindcore)

Asfixia - s/t (Spain Punk-HC-Crust with female screaming vocals,strong vegan message.This 7"ep comes with booklet with all the lyrics + explanations in spanish and english) 7" green splattered vinyl 3€








BOZO - s/t

BOBO'S BUBBLE - poached eggs (Italy hardcore/noise_Slok records 1997)

Bad Influence - wake up (UK mid-tempo hardcore in the veins of Antisect, Anti-System or Icons of Filth's_Skuld Records 1992) 7" 3€

Bandog - ziegel (Germany hardcore like a mix of Into Another and Affluente_Anomie Records 1996) 7" 3€






CLOSE QUARTERS BATTLE - for the streets (Germany hardcore ny_Hasscontainer records 2006)

CORNFLAKES FREAKS - suck my worm (Italy melodic hardcorepunk with members of CGB_Smartz records and other diy labels 1999)

CARLOS DUNGA - s/t 7" (italy thrashcore_copsarecords 2008)

CANCER SPREADING/DRUNKARDS - split (italy stenchcrust/crust'n'roll)

Cardia - peace & anarchy (Germany metallic crustpunk) 7" 3€

Chorea - wir konnen nicht nur von alten taten sprechen review... (Germany mixing Deviated Instinct with E.N.T._Anomie Records 1998) 7" 3€







DEPROGRAMMAZIONE/SPOSA IN ALTO MARE - split (postgrindcoreblackmetal/grindcore)

DIAVOLO ROSSO - groove down to the riotrock (Germany fastcore crust_Bad Influence records 1998)

DROP THE I/GONZALES - split (Italy Postpunk in fugazi style by DROP THE I versus heavy rock*n*roll by GONZALES_StressToDeath and other diy labels 2006)

DIE STROHSACKE - stop tv (Germany punkhardcore_Attack records 1997)

DIVISADEROS - from the ashes of the loosers (Italy garage rock'n'roll_Slok records 1996)

DISTURBANCE - live on to decline (Netherlands punkrock_Tocado records 2001)

DIE ZLASKHINX - 4h (Finland punkrock_PunkItUp records 2006)

DISPENSE - nothing but the truth (Sweden brutal d-beat scandicrustcore with members of Victims and Skitsystem_Finn records 1994)










FUCKINGHAM PALACE - like madmen (Italy punkrock in the veins of Screeching Weasel, Ramones, Peter And TheT.T.B._Booze records 1998)






GANGWAY, MAN! - bad day (Italy garage rock lo-fi punk_Rumble Fish Corporation records 1999)

GARCON FATAL - fox on the run (Italy garageglam_High Rise records 1987)

GRUPPO TRASVERSALE - s/t (Italy hardcore in the veins of Plaid Retina_Halley records 1995)






HIDE OUT - ignorance (Italy oldschool hardcore_Inaudito records 1991)

HANGING ROTTEN/VERGE ON REASON - split (Pure German grindcore insanity meets sludge infiltrated grindcore from the USA_Useless records and otjer labels 2004)






IMMUNITY - fine del gioco (Italy hardcorepunk_Mele Marce records 1993)

INSOMNIA ISTERICA/GOKURTRUSSEL - split (switzerland grindcore/fastcore)






JILTED - la mia realtà (Italy crusthardcore_SOA Records 1999)









LOSCO'S BRIGADE/VIOLENT MINORITY - split (Italy hardcorepunk_various diy labels 2011)






MAN IN THE SHADOW - pax americana (Slovenia punkhardcore _Choose Life records 1999)

MOLOCH/CORPUS DEI - split 7" (MOLOCH from the UK play awesome sludge ala EYEHATEGOD or GRIEF. CORPUS DEI are from Buffalo NY and play brutal hardcore in the vein of HIS HERO IS GONE_Feast Of Tentacles records 2010)















PLANKTON/MILKMAN - eighties verantwoord (Netherlands hardcore punk_Koket records 2001)






QUARTO POTERE/OLIM PALUS - split (Italy grindcrust/raw d-beat _Copsarecords and other diy labels 2010)

QUICKNOIZE - agorafobia (Italy classic Torino harcore in the veins of Crunch, Arturo, ecc.._Mastello records 1998)






RECTIFY/KURU - scream/oh martyr of kabala (Wales/England metallic crust_Inflammable Material records 1997)

ROTTEN BRAIN - s/t (Italy hardcorepunk_El Paso/PrinzEugene and other diy labels 1996)






SLAPENDEHONDEN/I WITNESS - split (holland sludgecore/russia youthcrew hardcore)

SCHWESTER SIOUX - schwanzmann (Austria emopunk_Sacro Egoismo records 1994)

SUBURBAN NOISE - sunward (2€ sticker on cover) (Italy emocore_Dischi Rozzi 1998)

SCUM IN ACTION - geisteskrank (Germany oldschool grindcore_Faste records 1992)

STEROIDS - bazooka (France hardcorepunk_Panx records 1999)

SUICIDE CIRCLE - 4 way split (RiotSquad_HumanBattle_TheUndertakers_TheCrackBabies)

SLAPSTICKS - buzz (Italy hardcorepunk_SCF records 1997)

SICK DOGS - real end of the century punk rock (Italy punkrock_AceOfSpades records 2000)






THE UNHOLY THREE - she told me things that were true 

TAXI - dead girl (italy punkrock)

THE 4 SIVITS - ready to fight (Germany hardcorepunk _Just Joy records 1999)

THE MULLENS - isabel (Italy garagepunk_Panic records 1996)

THE MUDDLERS - 7 steps to total failure (Italy punkrock_Be Nice To Mommy records 2001)

TWO MINUTES HATE - s/t (USA East Coast hardcore, but they do vary it up a little. One second it's typical NYHC stuff, the next you think you're listening to Token Entry_FistFight records 1997)




















 1xCD = 6 euro

5xCD = 25 euro

10xCD = 40 euro




Another Kind Of Death - slepless every night (Spain metallic hardcore mixing Neurosis, Converge, Zao,Misery Signals...) CD  

ANTISOCIALI - s/t (Italy oipunkcore) CD  

ALONE IN THE CROWD - el triste muro de la sociedad (Mexico neocrust) CD 

Antisocial/Camarada Kalashnikov - split  (Italy/Spain hardcore with some OI touch, remind some N.I.A.Punx stuff) CD  

ANGUSTA TAURINORUM - giochi fatui (Italy technical crustcore with touch of metal_ex Torquemada) CD  

ALZHEIMER - s/t CD (Italy technical metallic oicore) CD  

AGATHOCLES/LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER - split (Belgium mincecore gods/spain wicked grindcore_CDr in 7" sleeve) CDr 3€  

Agorhy - ruptura (Brasil ultrametal/grind) CD  

AnotherSide/Don't give Up - split (AS=Russia crustcorepunk - DGU= Russia hardcore with mosh parts) CD 




BECAUSE THE BEAN - la catena umana (Italy hardcorepunk with OI influences) CD 

B.B.A. - s/t (Italy hardcore'n'roll like a early Dead Kennedys) CD

BARMAGRANDE - taca ataca (Italy reggae) CD  




CGB - meglio dal vivo che dal morto (Italy oldschool hardcore from 1987_various live track from the early days to today) CD 

CGB - balboa (Italy oldschool hardcore active from 1987) CD  

CELSO RICARDO de MORAES - bossa nova duets (Latin bossanova_i don't know why i have it...but maybe someone like it) CD  

Cornflakes Freaks - nora's room (Italy mix oldschool & newschool hardcore with member/ex-member of CGB) CD  

Captain 3 Leg/Whoretorn/Yeast Infection - split (USA grindcore/gore) CD  

Coffee Mug - drive out (Italy wat wreck chords style hardcore) CD  

Cockroach - take four (Holland crusty hardcore mixing ManLiftingBanner, Mihoen! (especially in the Dutch songs), DS-13) CD  




Disphere - shinra tensei (Italy mixing european school black/death with scandinavian postgrind) CD  

DEEP THROAT/CARLOS DUNGA - split (Italy thrashin'hardcorepunk/thrashcore) CD  

DISMORFIC - suffer and die (Italy grindcore.15 previously unreleased songs+the songs from their split with Ulcerrhoea, from their split with Drogheda, their EP "born to be fucked" and a compilation song) CD  

Dirty Breeder - Demo (Italy young guy hardcore) CDr 2€ 

дисфункция (disfunction) - проснуться (Russia raw punk) CDr 2€ 

Dislaynom - black whitsun EP (?? ambientnoise) CDr 2€

Disco Lepers - the girls of cholera (UK hardcorepunk mixing adolescents and jfa) CD  




ERROR - matanza (Palma de Mallorca neocrust) CD 

ETAT SECOND - dtq (France punkmetal) CD  

Ebola - il vero degrado è l'abitudine di vivere (Italy ultra lo-fi crustpunk chaos) CDr 3€

Editor - realita? (Slovakia thrashin' hardcore/OI) CD (x1)

Extreme Decay - sampah dunia ketiga (Indonesia grindcore 26 tracks with Regurgitate and Terrorizer covers) CD 

Excess - pretend happiness (Russia newschool hardcore_female vocals) CD     




FECCIA TRICOLORE - s/t (Italy powerfull hardcore like a kick in the face) CD 

Flavoured Brain - treatment against madness (France crazy grind/gore with drum machine_napalm death cover) CDr 3€

Fermenti - s/t (Italy tipical italian hardcore oldschool with double male/female vocals) CD 




Genocide - discografia 1997/2008 (Mexico grindcore/brutaldeath) CD 

Grito/A Cuchillo/Mequeodi - unidos y fuertes 3 way split (Mexico/Spain/Spain new york hardcore style) CD 




HATEWORK - the actual worst has come (Italy newschool well played hardcore) CD 

HAVOC - Vol.II (come si deve vivere se non si vuol morire) CD 

Holocaust - demoniac bible (Spain brutaldeathgrind) CD )   



Irritate/Utter Bastard - split (Finland stonergrind(!!)/grindcore) CD 

Iridio - per catturare una nuvola (Italy hardcore in the veins of Kina) CDr 3€

Insane Asshole/Suppurated - split (Italy two of the greatest italian grindcore bands) CD 




JILTED - 1998/2005 (Italy compilation of all the material released during this period by this great hardcorecrust band) CD 




KRAYOS - quello che dico (Italy hardcorepunk) CD 

Krapnek/Me4tell - split (France grindscreamcore versus Russia noise impro drunken grindpunk, cool diy released in great layout) CDr 3€

Koroba Milk - scusate il disturbo (Italy fat wreck chords like hardcore with members of ATTRITO) CD 

Kranium - 90 tal (Sweden d-beat rawpunk band from Luleå) CDr  3€ 




LE CAROGNE - s/t (Italy garagepunk as it best) CD 

LOWFAT/ONSET OF SERIOUS PROBLEM - split (Indonesia powerviolence/Thailand thrashin'hardcore) CD 

Last Resort - to your heart (Italy newschool hardcore) CD   




Mossfet - blind man (Holland thrashin'hardcore with mosh and stoner parts) CD

Mumbajumba - the 3rd tear of blood (Italy hardcore/metal/grind with some melodic parts) CD

Mörkhimmel ‎– Mörkhimmel (Czech Republic raw stenchcrust in the veins of Deviated Instinct) CD 

Monkeypriest - defending the tree (Spain doom metal with some Goatsnake/Eyehategod touch) CD

Mixomatosis/Demisor/Gored Face - night of the living grinders (Spain/Singapore/USA grindcore massacre) CD




NEID - il cuore della bestia (Italy thrashin'grindcore) CD

NO INFO - nothing 'till now (Italy technical metallic hardcore_NOT metalcore!!!) CD 

NO INFO - out of setting (Italy technical metallic hardcore_NOT metalcore!!!) CD

No Way Out/Mr.Bizarro - split (Italy hardrock'n'roll Vs. noisi indie in the veins of Sonic Youth/Dinosaur Jr.) CD

Nothing I Know - face of fear (Italy moshcore) CD

Non Perdono - con gli occhi per terra (Italy metallic hardcore) CD




OSS/NEID - split (Italy thrashcore in the veins of Municipal Waste/thrashin'grindcore) CD 




PROLETAR - back to the hatevolution (Indonesia grindcore masters discography) CD 

Punishable Act - from the heart to the crowd 1993-2006 (Germany newyork hardcore a la Agnostic Front-enhanced CD with video&photos) CD

Piss In Flasche Bier - p.i.f.b. (Germany raw hardcorepunk) CDr 3€






ROID - riepilogo della fine (Italy emotional hardcore) CD 

Rap.Ace - non aux fafs (France crazy punkgrind with drum machine) CDr 

Rai Ko Ris - New anti-national Anthem (Nepal_Seriously from Nepal!_dc style emocore mixing Rites Of Spring and Fugazi) CDr 3€ 




Spleen Flipper - alchimia del dolore (Italy metallic hardcore) CD 

STESSO SPORCO SANGUE - s/t (Italy thrashin' hardcore) CD 

SCHOLARS/ELOPRAM - split (Italy thrashin hardcore) CD 

Skits Of Renia - stalla infor ratta (Malaysia ultraraw & noisi d-beat) CDr 3€

Saturn Form Essence/Corpoparassita/+c+p+b+ - 3 way split to clear the human arrogance (Ucraina darkambient/italy deathambient/italy noisecore) CD 

Sbarbacazzi Grinder - little pice of hate (Italy cyber grindnoise) CDr 

Solstis/Herpes De Crachat De Fillette - split (S.=France brutal deathgrind a la Napalm Death/HDCDF=France gonzogrindcoremassacre) CD 

Sangue HC - macerie (Italy mixing oldschool italian hardcore with late 90's new school hardcore bands) CD 

Sang Froid - thru the chapters (Singapore heavy 90's style-hardcore in the vein of early Indecision, Shai Hulud_discography) CD 

Sumo - la libera danza quotidiana (Italy hardcore punk with some melodies) CD 

Stagnation Is Death/Ted Kaczynki - split (Russia crustyblackmetal/raw hardcorecrust) CD (x




THRANG - erzefilisch (Italy jazzcore mixing Zu with Victims Family) CD (x1)

TASTE THE FLOOR - s/t (Italy fast hardcore) 

THE BEUATIFULS - them! (France jazzcore) CDr 3 


TURN BACK TIME - turn back 80's (Italy oldschool thrashmetal) CD 

Theratogeny - mundo famélico (Mexico Thrashin' death metal full of growl and blastbeat) CD 

The F-ranx - what's your sound level? EP (Italy singalong hardcore in the veins of downbylaw) CDr 

Thema Eleven - the great misanthrope (Czech republic crust/screamo/doom) CD 

The Coming Fall - rifugi (Italy mixing new school hardcore with tragedy's style crust) CD 

Take One For The Team/The Antennas - split (Canada hardcorepunk lookout records shool) CD 

The Hirudo Effect - saziando l'uomo (Italy technical hardcore/grind with jazzcore parts in the veins of Victims Family, Triclops, ecc) CD 




UNSUNG - nail in the hand of christ (Italy metal stuff in the veins of Prong) CD 

UN QUARTO MORTO/ENTACT - split (Italy kings of grinding fastcore/fast hardcorepunk) CD (

UN QUARTO MORTO - il dono della sintesi (Italy kings of grinding fastcore_collection of all their discography before the split with Entact) CD 




VVAA - italialiena [PioggiaNera_NoWhiteRag_AnxTV_Infamia_Degenero_Z.A.T._ecc...] 

VVAA - all for nothing 4 way split (Disforia_CruelFaceOfLife_Machescazo_CxOxSx_crust/grind) CD 

VVAA - to live..before the justice come (benefit fo croce nera anarchica)[Repulsione_CGB_Hobophobic_Motorama_Klaxon_Isobel_ecc...] CD 

VVAA - one voice compilation 2 [NewSocietyOfAnarchist_X-Men_Looserz_Pencilcase_StrenghtApproach_SettleTheScore_ecc..] CD 

VVAA - reality impaired recordings compilation 2000 [BadTaste_VaginalDischarge_LastCall_Squirm_FreakFlag_ecc...] CD 

VVAA - reality impaired recordings compilation 2001 [VaginalDischarge_Satan'sGod_Mixomatosis_Insomnia_ecc..] CD 

VVAA - campania family vol.1 (compilation with FaceYourEnemy,Dissciorda,Tetano,VomitoNichilista,DrunkenArmy and more) CD (x 







Ysun - slaughter at dusk (France brutal death metal) CDr 3€ 









FLAGELLO #2 free